1967  Intake

November 13, 2008

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1967  Intake

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    Duke of York's Royal Military School

     Class of '67 - '74

  Terry Anderson, Philip Arthur, Mark Avery, Mark Barnes, Paul Bartlett, Martyn Bonfield, Martin [Jack] Brooks,Trevor Brown,  Peter Butler, Tim Carne, Jim Chapman, Rodney Clipston, Ron Foynes, George Gelder, Lindsay Gilmour, Mike Goddard, Dominic Godfrey, Mike Hodges, Hounsome, Brian Hunt, John Hurley, Ray Hyams, David Jones, Trevor Jones, Timothy Jones, David Kearns, Doug Lewis, Paul Malekin, Richard Manning, Stephen Mitchell, Richard Moody, Stephen Morris, Bryce Mortimer, Ben Noakes, Robert Norris, Phil Nugent, Price, Ray Robbins, Mark Scruton, Chris Sharpe, Harry Shemilt, Sneyd, Barry Tollefson, Colin Ventress, Tony White, Allan Wood, Wally Youngman.

the rest to come soon.....



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